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30 min. lub 45 min. dla bardziej zaawansowanych




do uzgodnienia

Piano Lessons for Children: I specialize in teaching children beginner and intermediate piano. We will learn theory, how to read music, expression, technique and how to have fun! I switch between classical and pop songs in order to emphasize specific lessons. I am very good at understanding the child’s needs and catering lessons to what he/she responds to! Have been trained as a teacher for children in NYC and have many resources to helping your child be his/her best!

Beginner/Intermediate Piano for Young Adults and Adults: (Classical and/or Pop)Get ready to learn how to read music and understanding theory!  After we gain a basic understanding, will begin to play some classical and/or pop music! If there is a song on the radio you really love, or a Beethoven piece you’ve always wanted to learn, come and take lessons and learn how to play them! PLUS, if you have always wanted to learn how to play and sing, we can begin to do both once you are ready!  I will also suggest songs based on your skill level and your interest level!